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At Yardley Associates, LLP, we understand the numerous challenges parents face during family restructuring. By offering the Parent Education Program, we strive to provide a service that offers relevant information about helping children through family changes, all the while minimizing any additional stress for parents. Our hope is that you find our classes, and our website, to be both informative and helpful for you and your children. 

                                                                      Mike Donegan, LMSW  &  Mimi Donegan, L

This public website is intended to provide general information about issues related to parental separation and divorce.
None of the information contained in this website can replace well-informed knowedge of your own children and family,
nor can it replace the professional opinion of an informed mental health professional, mediator and/or lawyer.

In addition, our resource links are provided for general information without implying endorsement or recommendation.

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